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Splashbacks UK
Splashbacks UK
Splashbacks UK

Splashbacks.co.uk – Providing High Quality Custom Glass Splashbacks

Welcome to www.splashbacks.co.uk. Please read below for commonly asked questions. For more information see our advice section or watch our videos. 

Please ensure the sizes entered into our quote system are in mm only. 

Delivery ranges from 5 – 10 working days.

We only use 6mm low iron toughened glass. All our products are safe and designed to be used behind hobs both gas and electric, they are both heat proof and finished to the highest standards We do not use acrylic which does not give the same finish as glass, Acylic is not safe to use behind direct heat sources such as gas hobs. 

Our products come with a five year guarantee against colour detoriation or print detoriation. Please bear this in mind when purchasing from some suppliers who offer cheap alternatives.

Our products do not harm the enviroment as the glass can be recycled. We use UV inks, Unlike conventional inksUV inks do not contain solvents that evaporate and release VOCs, which are considered harmful to the environment

We do not use vinyl stickers to the back of glass, Our prints are uv printed using the latest technology. Your splashback will be the highest quality and will be the focus of any kitchen or bathroom.

All our products are uv printed and have a durable backing. We also apply an extra protective aluminium foil backing to the back of our splashbacks for extra protection.

Colours and prints are solid colours and not transparent. You can put them up easily with either holes and screws or adhesive, both available on our website under fixings. We provide the screws and dome caps if you choose holes.

All our products are safe and designed to be used behind hobs, they are both heat proof and finished to the highest standards.  

Choose one of our designs from hundreds of pictures under printed splashbacks or choose  your own under custom images.

Choose one of our colours from our ral chart or type in the colour and make of any paint in the box located above our ral chart in our coloured glass section.

All splashbacks have finished polished edges and are safe to handle.

See our machines here and see the quality of finish for yourself.  : https://www.splashbacks.co.uk/splashback-printing/

All our products are packaged in wooden boxes and delivered direct to your door. Thay can be tracked via tracking information sent 24hrs prior to delivery.

All our products are made, processed and packaged from start to finish in the uk.

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Printed Splashbacks


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coloured splashback

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Mirror Splashbacks


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Glass Bath Panels



Splashbacks.co.uk provide a professional service from the moment you place your order online, through to cutting in our own factory and delivering to your door. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before placing an order and are always there to assist you with information and advice.

We can provide printed glass for any and every location and usage so contact us today no matter what your requirements are. We supply splash backs and printed glass for kitchens, bathrooms, commerical outlets, offices, glass table tops, stair risers, bedrooms and all locations in between!